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Access Boss Setup FAQ

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Access Boss installation package and their answers.

Please read it first before starting Access Boss installation package.

I'm a user of Access Boss 2.x. How can I upgrade to version 3?

We recommend you the following scenario:

1. Install Access Boss 3 in a separate folder (\Program Files\Access Boss 3).

2. During the installation process, setup will detect the previous version and offer you to import old settings.

3. After the installation completes, uninstall the previous version of Access Boss

Never install Access Boss 3 into a folder where Access Boss 2 resides.

Which components should I select on "Select Components" page?

The choice of components depends on who will use the computer after the software installation

1. Ordinary users only (kids) — you should select "Restriction Service" and "User Notifier" and control time restrictions on this computer from a remote PC.

2. Supervisor (you) — you should select "Access Boss Control Panel".

3. Mixed usage — select Full installation — "Access Boss Control Panel", "Restriction Service", and "User Notifier" will be installed. You will be able to control time restrictions locally. You should also select Full installation if you have problems with remote control of Access Boss settings.

I'm installing Access Boss on a kid's PC. From which user account should I start the setup program?

You MUST run the the setup program on a kid's PC from YOUR OWN user account. If you don't have your own account on this PC, you should either create it or logon as Administrator.

NEVER run Access Boss setup from your kid's account. The person who installs any components of Access Boss is considered as Access Boss administrator.

The setup program asks me for the registration code, but I don't have it yet. What should I do?

If you are evaluating Access Boss and don't have the registration code, simply leave this field blank.