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User Access and Parental Control

These days, computers are everywhere. We tend to rely on our machines more and more each day. We store our valuable data, personal and business-critical information, photos, credit card information, important phone numbers and vast amount of other private information. When leaving our computers unattended, it is very important to prevent computer misuse - and be sure that the computer is not used by unauthorized personnel.
We provide software solutions for access control and parental control.

Our Products — Access and Parental Control

Lock My PC™ is an easy-to-use, yet powerful security solution that locks the computer from unauthorized access. The computer, locked with Lock My PC can be unlocked only by the user who has set the lock or by the supervisor. This utility is designed not only for home use, but for corporate use as well- it has a supervisor's password, mutli-user support, password expiration period and many other options.
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Access Boss™ is a powerful access management and parental control tool that allows you to restrict the time when the specified group of users is allowed to log on and use the local or network computer. With this utility you can specify when and how long your users can access the computer, and Access Boss will prevent them from working overtime. Additional security options let you create restricted working environment for your users. Access Boss is an ideal parental time control tool, letting you control the ammount of time your kids spend with computers.
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