Cryptic Disk — Military-grade disk encryption software

Cryptic Disk creates virtual encrypted disks and also encrypts hard disks, USB drives and memory cards. Data encryption makes use of the best algorithms (AES/Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, CAST6), and takes place in real time without affecting computer performance. 

Disk Encryption — Right Now

Cryptic Disk is an easy in use application with a pretty friendly user interface.

Just click on the disk letter in the Cryptic Disk control panel and run "Encrypt Volume" task. Follow the on screen instructions and your disk will become protected in a moment. Or if you don't want to protect the whole disk, simply run Create Encrypted Container task - this will create a virtual encrypted volume for you.

    Features and benefits
    • Creation of virtual encrypted disks from container files and mounting them as separate disks;
    • Encryption of whole disk partitions (internal and removable) as well as other drives (memory cards, pen drives, USB drives, and more) without losing information;
    • Transparent (on-the-fly) data encryption which takes place in real-time and does not affect computer performance;
    • Deniable Encryption so that encrypted volumes do not contain any signatures which could be used to prove that they are encrypted disks or containers;
    • Plausible Deniability, which allows creating hidden encrypted disks multiply nested inside of each other (steganography);
    • Support for using key files together with a password or instead of a password, offering users flexibility in how they deploy the disk encryption software;
    • Powerful protection from brute force password attacks (both dictionary attacks and true brute force attacks) in accordance with PKCS #5 v2;
    • Reliable protection from keyloggers (built-in virtual keyboard for entering passwords);
    • Ability to use the disk encryption software on a computer without installing it beforehand (portable mode);
    • Configurable automatic actions when an encrypted disk is mounted or dismounted: play a WAV file, or launch a program or script in the following languages: CMD Shell, Windows Scripts and PowerShell;
    • Support for different cryptographic algorithms to encrypt data: AES/Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, CAST6;
    • Use of XTS data encryption mode, developed especially for disk encryption (IEEE 1619 standard);
    • Support for cascade encryption (use of multiple cryptographic algorithms to encrypt data in sequence) to improve the cryptographic strength provided by the disk encryption software, increasing encryption key size from 256 to 2944 bits in XTS mode;
    • Support for using different algorithms for header key derivation: HMAC-SHA-512, HMAC-RIPEMD-256, HMAC-Whirlpool;
    • Ability to mount an encrypted container/disk using any free drive letter or an empty folder on an NTFS disk;
    • Support for setting hotkeys to quickly mount and dismount encrypted volumes;
    • Support for automatic restoration of access settings to shared resources on an encrypted disk after mounting it;
    • Optimization for multiple CPUs;
    • Ability to access the program's features from the command line, which allows automating the process of working with the program;
    • Multilingual interface.



    Supported OS: Windows All

    License: Free to try