Frequently Asked Questions about Lock My PC

What is Lock My PC?

Lock My PC is an easy in use and compact tool for quick computer lock when you leave it unattended.

What does computer lock mean?

Computer lock means:
Keyboard lock - The program locks keyboard, so Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab... are disabled;
Mouse lock - The program locks mouse buttons;
Screen lock - all the connected monitors goes blank or display a lock screen logo;
CD/DVD ROM lock - The program locks doors of CD/DVD ROMs on your computer.

Windows lets me lock PC with a simple keystroke. Why should I use your PC lock software?

Windows "Lock Computer" command locks a computer safely, but anyone who has Windows Administrator's privileges may unlock your computer. Such unlock will force to close your session (all unsaved changes will be lost).
When you lock computer with Lock My PC, no any Windows Administrator's password will unlock your computer.

The other favors of Lock My PC:

  • Option allowing you to check if anyone tried to unlock your computer;
  • Transparent Lock Screen options - you computer can be used as a presentation machine - the screen displays pictures or video, but nobody can touch your computer;
  • Secure Lock before Windows logon screen - if you don't want users to access your computer without your permission, you can lock your computer at startup (before Windows logon screen);
  • Option to lock CD/DVD ROM doors.
Is it possible to share Lock My PC by several users?

Yes, Lock My PC is designed for multi-user environment.
When you install Lock My PC, please select multi-user installation mode. When the installation finished, Lock My PC will be installed for all user accounts, your account will be considered by Lock My PC as Administrator account, your Lock My PC password - as Administrator password.

What difference between Lock My PC administrator and other Lock My PC users?

In the multi-user mode, Lock My PC administrator has access to some options inaccessible for the other users. E.g. Lock My PC non-administrative users cannot enable "Always lock computer at startup" option. Only Lock My PC administrator can uninstall Lock My PC. It's also possible to use administrator password to unlock computer even if it has been locked by other users.

I installed computer in single-user mode, but now I want to try it in multi-user mode. What should I do?

If you want to change the installation mode, you should uninstall Lock My PC and reinstall it again.

Is it possible to bypass Lock My PC by starting the computer in Safe Mode?

Unlike the most other computer lock software, it's impossible to bypass Lock My PC by starting the computer in Windows safe mode (when Always lock computer at startup is enabled). So do not forget your password.

I want to use my own lock screen. How can I do this?

You should have an image of BMP, JPG or GIF format. Your picture should not exceed size 560 (width) X 400 (Height) pixels. You can copy this picture into any place on your PC (we recommend you to use LockScreens subfolder of Lock My PC program folder). Then open Lock My PC settings and specify your image file name in the related edit line. You can also read Image Sequence File chapter in Lock My PC help - it describes how to display several images on the screen cycling between them.

Is it possible to lock computer automatically when it is idle?

Yes. You can lock PC automatically. Open Lock My PC settings dialog, check Lock computer after XX minute(s) of inactivity and specify idle time.

What is your upgrade policy?

Purchasing any version of Hide Folders grants you free minor upgrades(e.g. 5.1->5.2). There may be an additional fee for a major upgrades (e.g. from 5.5 to 6.0).