Cycling lock screen images with Lock My PC

Sometimes when the computer screen is locked, it is required to cycle through lock screen images instead of having a single static image displayed. This can be helpful in public areas where you wish to keep unauthorized persons out of your computers, but display them different information, advertisements etc.

You may organize image cycling as follows:

1. Create an animated GIF image that consist of different frames with the information you wish to display.
2. Create Lock My PC Image Sequence File.

An animated GIF image is helpful when you want to cycle through a few images. The main drawback of this approach is that once you created animated GIF, you will have to recreate it as soon as you want to change frame sequence, frame displaying time, add or remove frames.

Lock My PC Image Sequence File allows you to make your own image cycle easy and quickly.
Image Sequence File is a text file in standard Windows INI file format. It can be created with any text editor, e.g. Notepad.

Creating your Image Sequence File

The best way to create Lock My PC Image Sequence File is to edit Sample.isf file and save it as your new file. You may find Sample.isf in LockScreens subfolder of Lock My PC application folder.
Attention: your image sequence file must have ISF extension.

Section [General] defines your general options for image sequence.
Option FrameDelay defines how long (in seconds) an image will be displayed on the screen before it will be changed by the next image in the sequence. E.g. if you specify FrameDelay=3, each image in the sequence will be displayed for 3 seconds.
Option Stretch defines whether Lock My PC will resize images to fit the screen or not. If you want to display images as is, please specify Stretch=0, in other case, please set this option to 1. Please note, that some small or disproportionate images may look ugly when you set this option to 1.

In section [Files] you should specify the list of files to display on the screen.
You may specify up to 1000 files in the list. If you want to use an image file from another folder, please specify full path to it (you should use commas if the path contains spaces).

Please note that the order of displaying depends on option number rather then the order in the list.
E.g. if your [Files] section looks like


The images will be shown as screen1->screen3->screen2->screen4->screen1->...


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