FAQ for Lock My PC 3.x users

Here is frequently asked questions and their answers for Lock My PC 3.x users. If you used Lock My PC prior to 4.0, please read this chapter thoroughly.

Should I uninstall a previous version of Lock My PC, before installing Lock My PC 4?

We recommend you to uninstall previous version of Lock My PC . But if you want to leave Lock My PC 3.x installed, you must disable all Lock My PC 3.x autostart options (as well as Always Lock at Startup in Administrative Area) and install Lock My PC 4 into a separate folder.

Where is Administrative Area?

There is no Administrative Area anymore. All required of Administrative Area options are transferred into advanced settings and available for Lock My PC administrator (the user who installed Lock My PC).

In Lock My PC 2.x and 3.x I had the administrator password and the user password. What is changed now?

With Lock My PC 4, you have only one password. If you install Lock My PC in the multi-user mode, your password is the administrator password - you can use it to unlock your all Lock My PC users. If the computer is locked at startup, it can be unlocked only by the administrator password.

Where is Startup Group in Settings dialog?

This group is removed in Lock My PC 4. Lock My PC 4 is always staring at Windows startup. To lock computer at startup or after incorrect shutdown, enable "Always lock computer at computer startup" in Advanced settings.

Where is "Enter Settings by password" option?

In security reasons, Lock My PC 4 is always displaying password prompt dialog when you try to open Settings dialog.

I am a registered Lock My PC 3.x user. How much does upgrade to Lock My PC 4 cost?

Please check this page:



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