Lock My PC Setup Guide

This topic describes how to install Lock My PC on your computer

Before installing Lock My PC

Review the following information before install Lock My PC on your computer.

System Requirements

To run Lock My PC you need Windows 2000 or XP and at least 2 MB of free space on your hard drive.
You must have administrative privileges to install Lock My PC.

Selecting Installation Mode

Depending on your requirements, Lock My PC can be installed in single-user or in multi-user mode.
Single-user mode. Setup will create Lock My PC shortcuts only for you. Locked computer can be unlocked only with your password. Some advanced options for corporate use will be blocked. This mode is ideal for home use.

Multi-user mode. Setup will create Lock My PC shortcuts for all user accounts. Each Lock My PC user will have their own password. You (the user who installed Lock My PC) are the Lock My PC Administrator. Your password (the password of the user who installed Lock My PC) will be considering as Administrator password. This mode is ideal for corporate use.

Upgrading from a previous version

Upgrading from Lock My PC 1.x, 2.x or 3.x
It's highly recommended to uninstall the previous version of Lock My PC, before installing Lock My PC 4.

Upgrade from Lock My PC 4.x
If Lock My PC 4.x is already installed on your computer, you can install Lock My PC over it. In this case, Lock My PC will be installed in the same installation mode as the previous version. All Lock My PC settings and passwords will be preserved.


Installing Lock My PC

To start Lock My PC installation, please run Lock My PC installation package (lmpc4setup.exe). The installation package is always available for download from our download page at http://www.fspro.net/downloads.html (in a zip-archive).


Uninstalling Lock My PC

You can remove Lock My PC from your system as follows:


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