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Why lock computer?

These days, computer security is one of the most actual problems around. We all store hundreds and even thousands of files containing private information on our PCs.

According to multiple studies the majority of data theft happens due to improper safeguard measures, i.e. very often private information is being stolen right from the computer and not via network connection.

The only reasonable way to prevent data theft is to lock computer from unauthorized access completely. That is exactly the point where we all have to ask ourselves "Do I know the right software to lock computer once and for good?"

Introducing Lock My PC, the unique security software suite allowing you to lock computer from unauthorized access! The application utilizes latest and greatest security technologies in order to provide you with mechanism to lock computer easily and be able to unlock it afterwards.

Lock My PC allows you to lock computer completely without having to worry for your private information anymore! Simply follow the semi-automated computer lock up procedure to ensure maximum safety. Whether you're on the road with your laptop or leaving your office for a coffee break it is wise to apply protection and lock computer from unauthorized access.

This software acts as computer lock, blocking all unauthorized access attempts and turning PC containing valuable information into a useless piece of junk unless the person operating it knows the password used to lock computer.

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