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The information era is out there already! These days, data safety is the key to success in business and social life. Imagine what would happen if someone could get into your head and get access to all your thoughts and dreams. Sounds scary?

Let us frighten you a bit more: as we deal with computers more and more each day we tend to use machines to store private information. Anything from erotic photos to business-critical reports is well worth storing on a computer unless you actually think about this information being stolen.

The one and only way to ease up and relax about the situation is to use PC lock on your machine. PC Lock software is the technology allowing you to restrict access to computer and prevent data theft and information leaks. In order to lock PC from intruders one should choose PC lock software wisely.

Introducing Lock My PC, the unique security software intended to turn safety nightmares into pleasant moments without a bit of frustration. Lock My PC acts as your personal security officer allowing you to easily lock PC whenever you are away from home or office.

If you are on the road with your laptop often it is even more important to be able to lock PC whenever you are not using it. According to multiple studies most data theft crimes are committed without network access, mastermind hacker attacks and other sci-fi stuff. The felon just has to steal your laptop to get access to your private information! It is that simple unless you have a habit to lock PC... or unless you own a copy of Lock My PC that does this job for you automatically!

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