Password Recovery

Nowadays it's difficult to count how many passwords an "average" user has. Several passwords to the secure web-sites, a couple of e-mail passwords, passwords to protected documents and spreadsheet, to favorite FTP servers and so on. Do you believe that you can keep them all in memory? Fantastic! Or you have just 2-3 multipurpose and never forgotten passwords? If so, it almost means that you have no password protection at all - if your password is compromised (a wrong person managed to get your password), all other resources and documents become unprotected at the same time. Or may be all your passwords are on the sticker on your monitor...?

Ok, you have two dozens of different passwords, and you beleive that you remeber all of them. But what to do if you forget some of them? Should you start typing all possible passwords manually one by one? We have far more effective solutions! Our password recovery tools recall passwords of such kind:

  • Internet Explorer site and page (form) passwords;
  • Outlook Express mail and news passwords;
  • Dialup-Connection, DSL, RAS, and other Windows connection passwords;
  • FTP Passwords from any FTP client software;
  • Email passwords from any email software (like Eudora, Thunderbird, The Bat, Becky!, Internet Mail);
  • Microsoft Word protected documents passwords;
  • Microsoft Excel protected documents passwords;
  • Microsoft Access protected databases passwords.
Internet Password Recovery Wizard is an effective tool enabling you to recover your lost or forgotten passwords saved on your computer by popular Internet software. It recalls passwords cached by Internet Explorer, any email software including Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, passwords to Dial-up, DSL and other Windows connections and any FTP client passwords.
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Internet Explorer Password Recovery Wizard is a subset of Internet Password Recovery Wizard that recovers lost and forgotten form (page) and site passwords of Internet Explorer.
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Email Password Recovery Wizard allows you to recover your email password for Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook or any other email software.
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FTP Password Recovery Wizard lets you recover your FTP passwords for any FTP client software. It runs a local FTP server that accepts FTP connections and reveals passwords stored in your FTP software.
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Office Password Recovery Wizard is a powerful password recovery tool enabling you to recover your passwords to Microsoft Word, Excel and Access documents. The program supports both brute force and dictionary-based attacks and you can use brute-force with masks to improve the performance of recovering.
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