flexible security products for home and business

Welcome to FSPro Labs!

FSPro Labs is a leading developer of flexible security products for home and business users. Since 2000, we have been providing reliable, secure and affordable privacy and security software. Thousands of clients worldwide trust our solutions, which are backed by professional developers and high quality support service.

Files & Folders Password Protection

Hide Folders — Software to protect your data from unauthorized access.
My Lockbox — The easiest way to hide and lock a folder.
Hide Folder Ext — Hide a folder on an external disk.
Cryptic Disk — Create virtual encrypted disks and encrypt hard disks, USB drives and memory cards. Encryption takes place in real time and does not affect computer performance.

User Access & Parental Control

Lock My PC — Automatic and manual lock for your computer screen and keyboard when you leave it unattended.
Access Boss — Restrict and control user access to your computer by a time.

Event log Analysis & Monitoring

Event Log Explorer — Analyze Windows event logs more effectively - search, filter, print and export event log records easily.