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Lock My PC™ is an easy in use and compact tool for quick computer locking when you leave it unattended. It shows a lock screen, disables Windows hot keys and mouse. You can lock your PC with a hotkey or from the system tray. To unlock the computer you must enter correct password only. Unlike another similar computer lock software that cannot lock Ctrl+Alt+Del on a computer running Windows XP, our Lock My PC runs own keyboard driver to block such key combinations.

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Why Lock My PC ?

You don't like snoopers. They are always prying into your e-mail messages, programs, data, files, etc. Lock My PC allows you to lock your computer with a password while you leave it unattended. You can lock the computer manually, with a menu or hotkey, or set up auto lock when your computer is idle.

Features and benefits

We built new release of Lock My PC to implement old features better and add some new great features to the program.
Here the main features and benefits of Lock My PC software:

  • Quick and safe computer lock by a hot key, or mouse click
  • Windows 2000 and XP support (unlike our competitors we use keyboard driver to safely block Ctrl+Alt+Del and other key combinations)
  • Administrative area for users and password management by supervisor
  • Multi-user support
  • Multimonitor support
  • Autolock when computer is idle
  • Auto turnoff when computer is locked for a long time
  • Custom Lock Screens
  • Screen saving effect
  • Screen transparency - to use PC in presentation mode
  • Optionally password protection for program settings
  • Optionally locking for CD/DVD-ROM doors while computer is locked
  • Command line options
  • and many more

Difference from internal Windows XP computer lock feature

A lot of users believe that Lock My PC (as well as any other third party computer lock software) is useless because Windows XP has integrated computer lock feature.

Well, indeed, you can simply press Win+L on Windows XP computer keyboard and your screen will be safely locked. What advantages Lock My PC has over Windows computer lock?

  1. A supervisor can unlock the computer (with administrative password) without closing user session. If you use Windows XP computer lock, a system administrator can unlock computer but the user session will be terminated.
  2. If you share your user's account with others (it's common for home PCs), Windows XP lock feature is useless, because your folks will be able to unlock your computer easily.
  3. Unlike Windows XP, Lock My PC can display different lock screens (including transparent lock screen) - it allows to use your computer as a presentation machine - you can display your own information for your clients and nobody will access your desktop.
  4. Command line support allows you to use Lock My PC in Internet kiosks.
  5. You can lock CD/DVD ROM doors along with the desktop, keyboard and mouse - this can prevent CD media from being stolen while you are out.

Easy to use

Simply specify your password and the program is ready to use. You may lock your computer by hot keys or a double click on the Lock My PC icon in the system tray. To unlock, press any key and type your password.

Custom Lock Screens

You can create your own Lock Screen pictures and use it with Lock My PC. Your computer will look cool and unique when it is locked. You may use GIF, JPEG, BMP and animated GIF images as lock screens. Lock Screen transparency level option will allow you to vary the transparency from fully opaque to fully transparent. The latter allows you to lock keyboard and mouse only and may be helpful when you are watching films or running presentations on your PC

Stealth mode

Lock My PC can work in stealth mode. Stealth mode is a state when the program is running on your computer but does not show any sign of its presence in memory. In stealth mode Lock My PC does not show its icon in the system tray and is not listed in Windows Task List (Windows 95/98/ME only), available by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del keys combination

Lock after incorrect shutdown

Lock My PC allows you to enable locking of your computer even after incorrect shutdown e.g. when anybody turn off the power of locked computer.

Lock computer at startup

Lock My PC allows you to enable locking of your computer every time somebody boot Windows.

Lock computer after certain time of inactivity

You may set up Lock My PC to lock PC automatically if the computer is idle during a certain period of time.


Lock My PC works in Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000 and XP (including x64 edition).

Administrative Area features

If your computer is used at the office or/and by several users, Lock My PC administration tools give the following benefits:

  • Administrator can unlock a PC with the administrator's password (without automatic user log off as Windows NT does)
  • User's passwords may have limited lifetime - it will increase safety of the system at all
  • Each user account may be locked at startup in multi-user environment
  • Even if a single user uses Lock My PC at home such features as a password age and administrator password are useful.

To enter Lock My PC Administrative Area please run Lock My PC Administrative Area shortcut. If you don't have Administrative Area shortcut installed just run Lock My PC program file with "/a" command line parameter (C:\Program Files\LMPC\lockpc /a). The program will prompt you to enter Lock My PC administrator's password you have specified when install. If you enter a correct administrator's password "Administrative Area" dialog will appear.

The following options are available in "Administrative Area":

  • User password expires in XX days - Lock My PC will ask users to change their personal passwords when XX days elapsed since the last password changing date.
  • Remind users to change password XX days before - Lock My PC will be asking users to change their personal passwords XX days before the password expiration date (see the previous option).
  • Always Lock Computer at startup (for each user account) - Lock My PC will lock each user account when a user switches computer on and log in to Windows. This options works like Lock at startup option in Lock My PC settings but it lock each user account.
  • Change Lock My PC administrator password - changes Lock My PC administrator password. With administrator password you can unlock a PC just as you unlock with a personal password.
  • Clear current user password - clears current user Lock My PC password. This option is useful when a user forgot a personal Lock My PC password.

People who use computer in multi-user configurations can find many useful options in Administrative Area.

30-days trial period

Lock My PC is shareware. You may evaluate Lock My PC free for 30 days.

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