Frequently Asked Questions about Hide Folders

What is Hide Folders?

Hide Folders is a security tool to hide and lock your sensitive folder(s) out from the other users.

What system do I need to run Hide Folders?

Hide Folders works on any PC running under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019

How does Hide Folders work?

Hide Folders intercepts file system operations and filters them. When filtering Hide Folders cancels any operations with folders you specified as hidden or locked.

What difference between Hide, Lock Hide & Lock and Read Only protection modes?

Hide & Lock — The protected files or folders are not visible to a user and it is not possible to access them. 
Hide — the protected files or folders are not visible to a user, but it is possible to access them. This may be helpful when you want to hide application folders but allow to run the applications from these folders. 
Lock — the protected files or folders are visible but not accessible. It is similar to built-in protection of Windows NT-based operating systems on NTFS volumes. 
Read Only - the protected data are visible and accessible, but you cannot modify or delete them.

When I boot my PC from floppy my hidden folders appear. Why?

The folders appear because Hide Folders hides them only when its driver is loaded.

Can I use Hide Folders to protect files on removable drives (e.g. USB flash)?

No, your files will become visible if you connect this disk to another computer. But you can use our Hide Folder Ext software designed exactly for external and removable drives.

Can I use NTFS built-in protection and Hide Folders mutually?

Yes! In this case even if someone penetrates into your computer (locally or from the net) with the administrative password, s(he) will bump into Hide Folders protection.

What will happen if someone removes the folder where Hide Folders resides?

Your secret folders will remain protected anyhow. But to access them you will need to install Hide Folders again.

What is your upgrade policy?

Purchasing any version of Hide Folders grants you free minor upgrades(e.g. 5.1->5.2). There may be an additional fee for a major upgrades (e.g. from 5.5 to 6.0).